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Over 8000 clinicians have attended Pelican courses...
      ...Pelican has hosted over 250 courses and meetings

Forthcoming Pelican Courses
Courses take place at the Pelican Centre, Basingstoke, unless otherwise stated

Mar 7th
Colorectal Diseases Masterclass (M25)
Mar 16th
5th Annual FRCS (General Surgery) Revision Day: Surgical Specialities for the Non-Specialist

Preparation for the exit exam in the generality of surgery and critical care......


Our Faculty

Pelican courses are led by a ‘convenor’, responsible for the academic and clinical content of the course programme. Each topic has a different speaker, and together the speakers make up the ‘faculty’. These specialists are experts in their field, recognised by their peers and often with extensive published research to their name. Pelican has built up an exceptional faculty of multi-disciplinary specialists, which includes:

Filter by Specialisation
Mr Muti Abulafi Mr Hashim Ahmed
Dr Clare Allen Ms Suzanne Alves
Mr Steve Arnold Mr Graham Branagan
Prof. Gina Brown Dr Katharine Bundy
Mr Tom Cecil Dr Ian Chau
Ms Helen Chave Mr Ben Cresswell
Mr Neil Cripps Mr Seb Cummings
Mr Chris Cunningham Mr Ian Daniels
Mr Henry Dowson Prof Mark Emberton
Prof Paul Finan Dr Rob Glynne-Jones
Mr Mark Gudgeon Dr Mark Harrison
Prof Bill Heald Mr Richard Hindley
Prof Torbjorn Holm Mr Ian Jenkins
Mr Tim John Dr Alex Kirkham
Mrs Caroline Moore Mr Brendan Moran
Mr Hugh Mostafid Mr Sunny Myint
Prof John Nicholls Mrs Karen Nugent
Dr Hilary O'Neil Dr Uday Patel
Dr Delia Peppercorn Prof Phil Quirke
Mr Merv Rees Mrs Nichola Richards
Prof Tim Rockall Prof David Sebag-Montefiore
Mr John Stebbing Dr Diana Tait
Prof Paris Tekkis Dr Andrew Thrower
Mr Henry Tilney Mr Arcot Venkat
Ms Fenella Welsh Dr Nick West

These specialists are rarely recompensed for their contribution to the courses, and we at Pelican owe them all our thanks and appreciation for their support.

The majority of the Pelican faculty travel widely, talking about their areas of speciality in meetings and courses around the world.

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